DriveDroid 0.7.3

Convierte tu teléfono en un disco de arranque Linux-USB


  • Arranque USB con el móvil
  • Descargador de distros
  • Fácil de usar


  • Requiere root
  • Algunas ISO no funcionan
  • Ciertos dispositivos son incompatibles

Muy bueno

DriveDroid es una app que permite arrancar el PC con imágenes ISO/IMG de Linux u otros sistemas operativos Live almacenados en tu teléfono Android.

Desde DriveDroid puedes descargar las imágenes USB de las distribuciones Linux-Live principales (como Fedora o Ubuntu) o crear las tuyas propias con espacio de almacenamiento adicional.

Para usar DriveDroid basta con conectar el teléfono al PC con un cable USB, elegir una imagen en DriveDroid y arrancar el PC con opción de arranque USB.

DriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal for trying Linux distributions or always having a rescue-system on the go... without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.

DriveDroid also includes a convenient download menu where you can download USB-images of a number of operating systems from your phone.

You can also create USB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive where you can store files in. Another possibility is to use tools on your PC to make a bootable USB-drive out of the blank image that DriveDroid created.

How do you make this work?
* Connect your phone to your PC using an USB cable
* Download an image file (.iso or .img) or create one
* Select the image file in DriveDroid to let your phone 'host' the file over USB
* (Re)start your PC and make sure the correct boot priority is set in the bios
* The image should now be booted on your PC

To quickly try DriveDroid download SliTaz from the download menu. It is an operating system of only 35MB, so it should be easily downloaded.
You can also create a 100MB FAT image through the 'Create blank image...'-menu. It should show up as a normal empty USB-drive on your PC.

* Root
* USB cable (from phone to PC)
* USB Mass Storage (UMS) should be enabled on your ROM (being able to mount SD card)
Some devices have trouble with UMS. Please enable UMS though DriveDroids preferences. If that does not work, send me a support email, also through the preferences.

* Some .iso files do not support being booted over USB, but most popular Linux distibutions are. All images that are downloadable through DriveDroid are supported.
* Do NOT use DriveDroid while your SD card is mounted (being used on your PC). This can cause loss of data.
* The following devices are known to not have USB Mass Storage at the moment: Asus Transformer Prime TF201
* Some phones (like Google Nexus and Galaxy Note 2) cannot boot out-of-the-box with UMS. To circumvent this enable and disable UMS from DriveDroids preferences and reboot the phone afterwards.



DriveDroid 0.7.3

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